Take a not please !Aku menulis, menaip bukan untuk meraih simpati tapi aku hanyaa meluahkan dan menceritakan kisah aku di diary aku. sekali lagi, kisah aku bukan kisah dongeng. aku juga bukan seorang penulis cerpen atau novel yg hanya mengarang cerita untuk mencari publisiti, tapi kisah aku adalah kisah benar yang berlaku sepanjang hayat aku. maafkan aku sekiranyaa sepanjang diary aku sebelum ini ada membuat korang terasa or something else. Thanks For Reading my blog
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Kenapa aku selalu bertemu PERPISAHAN disaat aku baru hendak merasa BAHAGIA kembali? :'(

Boys , Read thiss :')

Every girls dream that one day she will find a guy that do does these things for her . Even the smallest action can have the biggest impact in someone life :')

  • Leave her cute text notes
  • Kiss her infront of your friends .
  • Tell her she looks beautiful 
  • look into her eyes when u talk to her .
  • let her mess with your hair :)
  • just walk around with her .
  • forgive her for her mistake :)
  • look at her like she's that only girl you can see 
  • hold her hand when u're around with your friends .
  • be the one to take her hand , don't make her reach for you
  • when she starts swearing at you , tell her you love herr
  • get her mad and kiss her .
  • tease her and let her tease you back
  • stay up all night with her if her sicks .
  • give her the word
  • when she's sad , hang out with her .
  • let her know she's is important .
  • let her take all the pictures she wants of youu :')
sayangg , kan seronokk kalau u buadd semua yg kat atas tuu untuk i . kan Bie ?

with love : zie :')
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